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Cant see UI or open inventory after I join a server (similar to old menu bug i think)
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So. This has happend many times just the last two days (never had the problem before)

Bascially, I join a server and I cant see the ui (action bar 1-9), or open my inventory by pressing Tab.

If I press "esc" I immidately leave the server, that is why I think this is like the old menu bug.

It crashed the last time i tried, so i saved the report{F2293894}


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

feels random, can come with no que on server, and que.

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Hello snjomorkr.
Does this occur only on modded servers or vanilla as well? And are you using any startup parameters?

Hmm, happened on Dayone and Zero esseker. The quick fix is apparently to press Alt + enter, then leave the chat. Then it is fixed.

Since 1.12 Hotfix 1 players on my servers are reporting the same error. Starts with spawning into the game and having no HUD. Pressing escape crashes the game to desktop. Reconnecting then gives the Connecting Failed (0x00010001) Could not connect to the server because it is unreachable. Sometimes game just crashes again over and over.

This is happening on our 2 servers - Namalsk and DeerIsle. Heavily modded and no previous issues before HF1.