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Zombie Aggro Too Easily!
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Hi Guys!

First off I'm loving the 1.12 patch, but I've noticed since the stable release zombies aggro insanely easily. Its basically impossible to sneak up on them unless you take off your shoes or crouch walk up to them. Crouch walking is only slightly faster than the zombies move so this becomes very tedious and in my opinion isn't fun.

I think it has to do with the surface you're walking on and what shoes you use. Sneakers are quieter than boots, but since the stable release sneakers seem to give you 3 sound bars on most surfaces when crouch running. Harder zombies is great but I do think that you need to be able to crouch run up behind them without detection. Is this an intended feature? I believe the patch notes said that zombies aggro less easily, which hasn't been my experience in stable. Experimental 1.12 seemed fine to me.

Thanks so much for your work and can't wait to see whats to come in 2021!



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Hello AmishZed.
It is indeed intended for the crouch run to be loud. If you want to avoid infected from detecting you, you should be slowly crouch walking only. However, the system might still go through balance adjustments for the future versions.

Hey thanks so much for the response. I gotta say I really disagree with this decision as it seems to me that it makes sneaking incredibly frustrating and almost impossible. Crouch walking is only slightly faster than zombies walk making it very tedious to sneak up behind them. Not to mention how easy it makes it for players to attack you if your sneaking. Personally I've found the game to be much less enjoyable since this change. Of course this is just my opinion but from discussions I've had I don't think I'm the only one.

Of course I'm a total addict so you'll still be seeing me in Chernarus. Looking forward to future patches and further balancing. Thanks for your work!


I do agree that the balance is pretty bad, I feel like the aim of 1.12 was to reward a stealthy approach to fighting zeds, but at the same time the stealth options were nerfed severely, having to crouch WALK towards every zed you come across is insanely insanely tedious.