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New verification mechanism causes mods without a mod.cpp to be unrecognized
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On a server using mods that do not include a mod.cpp in them and where the mod folder name on the server is not the same as the name in the meta.cpp file. the server will not allow a user to connect returning a dialog that says that the server has mods that are not on a client. You can "fix" the issue by renaming the mod to the name in the mod's meta.cpp.

This unannounced change is unnecessary for security. The mod folder name on the server should not be important at all for mod verification...


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Add a mod with a correctly formed mod.cpp to a server with a folder name different from the mod name in meta.cpp. Start the server and connect from a client PC without issue

Add a mod to the server with no mod.cpp and an abbreviated or Steam publishedid as the folder name. A PC with the correct mods can no longer connect. They will get a message directing them to use the Steam launcher to "SET UP MODS AND JOIN" ... doing so will result in the same error message

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I can confirm the issue, actually, hundreds of server owners can confirm the issue.

Some workshop mods are a mess, but a decision like this needs to be properly announced, give time for modders and server owners to prepare themselves, you can't make a decision like this without even change logging it, you are just killing the game with radical decisions like this.

Please revert back this decision.

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Thank you for the report morgoth0.
We are working on fixing the issue as soon as possible.

Great. Appreciate that! :)

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Hello morgoth0.
A hotfix containing fix for this issue has been released just now. Please let us know in case there are any problems still.

All is working again with signature verification on. Thanks very much for the fix here

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