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Misaligned sights, bug
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Sometimes, your gun sights get misaligned when aiming.

I don't have a screenshot of it, but imagine if your camera while aiming was moved 10cms to the right, and 10cms down.
Game Version: Exp 1.12 (current, newest build as of writing, possibly happening in other versions too).

What happened to me before the bug:

  • Got shot by a Mosin
  • Plate tanked, I staggered, I went uncon
  • I spammed "4" that was a grenade in my hotbar to pull it out as fast as possible when I wake up
  • Woke up, wanted to aim, gun was bugged.
  • aiming and un-aiming didn't fix it, going from SKS iron sights to the SKS PU scope didn't fix it either, neither did swapping items in hands.


  • Throwing a grenade seems to have fixed it, because it was fine after I threw a grenade


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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JerryK created this task.Thu, Apr 15, 11:56 PM

when you wake up from the uncon state, your gun was on the floor? or did it happen wit the one in your inventory?

Yeah, my gun was on the floor, if I recall correctly. It was an SKS.

I've seen some streamers experience this bug too, maybe they can find the footage if you guys need to see what happens. It's such a rare bug though, but when it happens, it totally ruins any kind of possibility to fight back, because your sights aren't pointing in the same spot that the bullet goes.

Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Fri, Apr 16, 12:36 PM

So I was planning on uploading some screenshots, but AMD Radeon tool decided that it didn't want to screenshot what I asked it to do, so I've got no evidence, it does that sometimes... (good job AMD, nice software).

I had my gun in my hands, my gun was usually on my back, I was aiming, I got hit by a Tundra .308, gotten uncon, woke up, picked up my gun, and my sights were broken.
Out of 3 uncons, all 3 of them resulted in my sights being broken, so either uncon state messes with sights, or getting hit does. Mind you, this was all on 1.12 EXP PVP test server, but it's vanilla except loot spawns.


this has happened to me several times, but yesterday I recorded it.

I heard previously there was a sights misalignment bug due to turning around prone? Could it be this?

Anyway in the video before I get knocked out the scope is straight (black area at the bottom of the PU scope is even) after being knocked out the scope is misaligned as can be seen by the uneven black area of the PU scope and the shot going up and right.

JerryK added a comment.EditedFri, Apr 30, 1:54 PM

Yeah, this is the exact same issue, thank you for posting the video.
It doesn't LOOK too bad, but it hurts gameplay. Looks even more wonky with ironsights because they get actually misaligned like the uneven black area of the PU scope.

Seems this issue has been addressed in the latest experimental update


Fixed a game crash related to ammunition types
Tents inventories were accessible from outside
Heavy hit and immediate fall into unconscious caused iron sights offset, requiring a restart of the game