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1.12 balance problems
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Hi, this isnt a "bug report" but I wasn't sure where i could really post feedback without bothering scotty over on twitter. I would just like to comment on the new balance changes with 1.12 to the damage system. I think a lot of good steps were made here but also a lot of bad ones. I spend a lot of time playing dayz and interacting with the community so i have a solid understanding of the games mechanics, and how people feel about them, for a while now there has been talk about "too many 1 taps" and people wanting "more uncon instead" but i feel like this message may have been misunderstood. For example the 7.62x54mmr is still 1 tap killing players with no armour, the m4, akm, sks, ak74, ak101 are also 1 tapping players dead at close proximity, or if they are wearing armour they often go unconscious with 1 shot....This is very bad, the playerbase wants to be able to fight longer after being shot, replacing the deaths with unconscious states isn't the way to go, what needs to be done is allowing players to take 2 or 3 shots and then drop unconscious...or if its sniper calibre (without armour) 1 shot should have a chance to knock them uncon or a chance to kill them....with armour a sniper caliber shouldn't drop someone uncon because this is pretty much just making the "1 tap meta" even worse than it was previously, you may not be dead in 1 shot, but A LOT of the time being unconscious from 1 shot is a total death sentence so its pretty much the same thing. With that being said im really glad to see changes to armour and damage values coming, some of the stuff is really great but these 1 tap unconscious situations are just as bad as the previous 1 tap deaths that everyone hated... also the fact that assault rifles and things like the SKS and CZ527 are 1 tap killing players is just totally nuts. Thanks for listening, hopefully this feedback helps, much love to the team <3


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Thank you for your feedback MikeDocherty.
The current changes are still subject to balancing and tweaks for the upcoming patches. Therefore there might be changes to tbe heaviour you describe.