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Servers show huge Steam IDs for some mods (highest 32 bits are all set)
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Some servers advertise some of the mods by treating the Steam ID of the mod as a 64bit number and setting the highest 32 bits to ones, creating a huge number.

I found this by looking at the A2S_RULES packets but then confirmed it in the Arma 3 launcher. Some mods that I don't have subscribed are detected as such and the launcher suggests subscribing to them (correct behavior).
Others (the ones bugged) can't be found and the launcher displays the "choose action" red box.

Example of such a server:

TeTeT USAF and FA-18 BETA/South Asia Server 2902

Mods on the server: [(ID, name), ...]

[(1325500, ''),
(18446744071737540240, '@saws'),
(463939057, '@ace3'),
(1849403283, '@toh_south_asia'),
(1865403034, '@toh_core'),
(1552807725, '@f18_beta'),
(18446744071811956195, '@usaf_fighters'),
(18446744071811960366, '@usaf_util'),
(18446744071811945151, '@usaf_main'),
(450814997, '@cba_a3')]

ID Without the highest 32 bits:

>>> 18446744071737540240 & 0xffffffff

Correct workshop URL for @saws, using the "fixed" ID:

>>> 2322955920 | 0xffffffff00000000

You can see the mods with huge numbers are the ones that are not detected correctly by the launcher:


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Search for one of these servers (listing more in case they stop working, in the meantime):

TeTeT USAF and FA-18 BETA/South Asia Server
TeTeT USAF and FA-18 BETA Seattle Server
[PL] Friendly Fire | ACE3 |
[ID] Task Force Garuda Milsim Server
[Reaper Crew] Experimental Server
StratCom | Training Server []

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overflo created this task.Mar 10 2021, 3:26 AM

The TeTeT servers are on a Ubuntu 20.04 LTS linux dedicated server. Command line to start for them:

./arma3server_x64 -name="TeTeT FA-18 BETA/South Asia Server" -cfg=basic.cfg -config=server-sa.cfg -mod=@cba_a3 -mod=@f18_beta -mod=@toh_core -mod=@toh_south_asia -mod=@ace3 -mod=@saws -port=2802
./arma3server_x64 -name="TeTeT USAF and FA-18 BETA Seattle Server" -cfg=basic.cfg -config=server-seattle-usaf.cfg -mod=@cba_a3 -mod=@usaf_main -mod=@usaf_util -mod=@usaf_fighters -mod=@f18_beta -mod=@toh_core -mod=@toh_seattle -mod=@ace3 -mod=@saws -mod=@nimitz_exp -mod=@usnavy_mas -mod=@apache -port=3002