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magazinesTurret doesn't accept more than one dimensional arrays anymore, ex: [0,0]
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Since 2.02 magazinesTurret command no longer works with right argument being longer turret path like [0,0], always expects new alternative syntax with first element being array and second being includeEmpty flag.

19:33:41 Error in expression <vehicle player magazinesTurret [0,0]>
19:33:41   Error position: <magazinesTurret [0,0]>
19:33:41   Error Type Number, expected Bool


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor
  2. Place any tank with commander turret and player inside
  3. Run mission
  4. Execute
vehicle player magazinesTurret [0,0]
  1. Observe scripting error
Additional Information

Command should check if first value in right argument is an array and then treat second value as includeEmpty flag, otherwise treat whole right argument array as turretPath

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Profiling build tomorrow

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