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Arma 3 will not launch
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I am not sure why but for some reason arma decided that it is no longer going to launch correctly today. whenever i hit play in the launcher it goes through its normal process of launching the game. the Arma 3 logo pops up and then it goes away like normal but the game never actually launches. it appears in task manager and is only using around 1 GB of ram or less but it is doing nothing else and i cannot switch to the task. if i right click on it in task manager there isn't even the option. i have tried this with both no mods and with mods installed. i have verified the local files and it couldn't find any missing ones. i have deleted the game and then reinstalled it fresh and i am still having the same problem. i am unsure what caused this as i was playing earlier in the day. i have tried it with battleeye disabled and that did nothing. i have even opted into the dev branch on steam and that has done nothing. it will not even connect directly to a server from the launcher either.


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Windows 10 x64
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press play in the launcher

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can you provide logs without mods loaded?

what happens if you double click exe directly in arma main folder?

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Please don't start arma with -noLogs parameter.
Please enable logs and provide a new report