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ArmA 3 Contact DLC Crash - Disabling the turret
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I am currently in the mission "Anomalous Phenomena" and have done a few side objectives. When I try to get closer to the Automated MG / Turret in Poliana with my main Weapon out (MXM 6,5mm with BluFor BiPod, a flashlight, a suppresor and MOS-Optic), the game crashes to the desktop. All of this in Singleplayer, without mods or other DLC.


Not A Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Approach Poliana with the auto turret having my main weapon out.

Additional Information

I tried approaching it while having the new tool out (radio thingy for transmissions and aliens) which resulted in me getting really close to it. As soon as I replaced the tool with my main weapon it crashed.

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Delta37 created this task.Feb 2 2021, 3:03 AM

For some reason, the website won't let me upload the ArmaReport_Log file.

Did you verify the game cache via Steam?

Did you verify the game cache via Steam?

I can't believe I didn't try it before. Thank you, that fixed it.

LouMontana closed this task as Resolved.Feb 4 2021, 9:53 AM
LouMontana changed Resolution from Open to Not A Bug.