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Red flashing and still stamina after meds ended (vanilla)
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After going to red flashing and using Epi and morphine.
After the meds work out the character limp is not bad and is able to run at full speed.
Here is a clip of Paul, TRMZ, his stream today. I will try to see if I can reproduce this
Paul stated he had this multiple times after using meds

(edit: I just realized theres a good chance you allready know this and thats why Epi doesnt work in Experimental, buyt hey ho, here ya go)


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Take meds, be able to run full sprint after meds end

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Ok I tested it out on a vanilla server (with eft tools)
Only mophine after it ended made me go limping again.
Then I used an epi and I could not run
so after a few seconds I used another Moprhine

And when that ended I was still able to run and walk normally

Also could try reproducing with following steps as I was getting unlimited stamina from a different method unrelated to meds.

  1. Have body next to you.
  2. Lay down next to body.
  3. When prompt is given cut up body.

Both times I did these steps I had normal stamina levels. Both times were on community servers on 1.10.

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Hello everyone.
We have confirmed the issue on our end and it has been scheduled for a fix.

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Hello again.
The issue has been resolved internally and the fix will appear in one of the upcoming updates.