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[Feature Request] Add ability to force outside color when using infinite terrain
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if enableTerrainSynth=1 (cfgWorlds/TERRAIN/OutsideTerrain) then colorOutside is ignored

A new config parameter "forceColorOutside" (default false) in the same OutsideTerrain class.

You often want infinite terrain generation to make the 3d world have a better transition to the outside area,
yet the 2d map view you want to hide the details. Especially when you do realistic recreations of locations.


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Windows 7
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Showcase of outsideColor:

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default false.

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Build number 147224

CAn you confirm that its good?

yep will add to our terrains for testing

  • Added: "forceMapOutsideColor" config option to CfgWorlds/OutsideTerrain to disable rendering of outside terrain on map

@dedmen it turns the outside black - which is good. however preferably it should use the colorOutside parameter.

		class OutsideTerrain
			satellite = "WW2\TerrainsWW2_iron_excelsior\Tobruk_t\s_satout_co.paa";
			enableTerrainSynth = 1;
			class Layers
				class Layer0
					nopx = "WW2\TerrainsWW2_iron_excelsior\Surfaces_t\irons_tobruk_desert_nopx.paa";
					texture = "WW2\TerrainsWW2_iron_excelsior\Surfaces_t\irons_tobruk_desert_co.paa";
			forceMapOutsideColor = true;
			colorOutside[] = {0.29,0.33,0.37,1};

not gonna make it for 2.04

Seems like a bug. colorOutside of OutsideTerrain class is never read.
But even vanilla terrains use that parameter, seems like they expect it to be read.

colorOutside used to work in A1 or A2. cant quite recall.
at some point it got bugged.

as most terrain are copy paste configs, this should explain why colorOutside is still to be found despite never working in A3

Made it for 2.04, rev 147499

If it still doesn't work in next dev or RC, ping me directly in discord

dedmen added a comment.Jun 7 2021, 5:22 PM

If forceColorOutside is enabled, it will use CfgWorlds >> OutsideTerrain >> colorOutside entry as the color.
if forceColorOutside is not enabled, it will use the Map UI config defined color (if terrain gen is disabled)