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[3DEN Bug] Entity list is empty if 3DEN is loaded for the second time
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The menu on the left which shows the list of current entities is completely empty if 3DEN is loaded for the second time (e.g. reopening the mission or going back to 3DEN after ending the mission).

Using the "expand all" button will cause the controls to appear.

This is 100% reproducible on the latest DEV build: 2.01.147002


Operating System
Windows 7
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load/Create a new scenario in 3DEN (you can just place a single unit)
  2. Run the mission.
  3. End the mission and go back to 3DEN. Notice that the entity list is completely empty (even the categories are gone)
  4. You can try reloading the mission (Scenario > Open), but it won't solve the issue
  5. Click on the "Expand all" button. The entities will appear now

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Fixed, only found in perf/dev branch