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Dayz official servers slow
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Since the 1.10 update dropped a couple days ago the performance on the official servers have been lacking.
Players desyncing, rubberbanding, delay when interacting with the world and the inventory, and general
desync between players making pvp near impossible and unpredictable. Oh did I forget to mention that you
get kicked from the servers from time to time aswell?

I found this to be the case on the "DayZ NL 3664728 HC (Public)" and "DayZ EU - DE 1297 (1st Person Only)"
offical servers.

There must've been something done in the 1.10 update seeing as this was not an issue prior to the update
and is making really limiting how much people can enjoy the new update. Seeing all the time the
development team has put into making this update it is sad to see it undermined by the lackluster


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Join a server, experience the performance (rather the lack of), you'll most likely get kicked off in about 10-20 minutes of playing.

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im experiencing the same things on DE 1462