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M3S spiral out of control causing death
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I was driving the M3S on a dirt road when it suddenly spiraled into the air and killed me.


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Windows 10 x64
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I found this M3S spawn in between Black Forest and Gorka.

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KWTD added a subscriber: KWTD.Nov 22 2020, 1:40 AM

Don't bother, they won't acknowledge and therefore fix any vehicle related issue. Probably since they don't know how.

Sigh.. That is super disappointing to say the least. I'm still pretty pissed about what happened. It took several hours to even find the truck since I am currently on foot, and then another several hours to find the battery for the truck.

stierlitz added a subscriber: stierlitz.EditedNov 22 2020, 9:54 AM

This happens to Gunter2 and Olga too. Luckily nobody died in incidents I experienced - but it was close call each time. I suspect it is related to lag and the effect always accumulates/worsens over time (or distance traveled?). While driving the car, it would start to behave erratic - not reacting to keys for steering/acceleration/breaking or overreacting or even doing steering or acceleration changes on its own. This same can happen even when driving flattest straightest and widest roads. It happened to me repeatedly that the car started to roll (rotate along front-back axis) sometimes elevated over the ground, then (when breaking super hard to save the car and people in it) car would stop and sit back on all it's wheels but would wiggle or shake. This of course is easy recipe for crash at speeds beyond 40 km/h and the environment clearly designed against all basic rules of transportation safety (yes I mean all those concrete or wooden pillars close to roads, or little stone walls hidden mostly in grass or other solid obstacles dangerously close to roads - all cunningly placed on trajectories you would travel if you lost control of your vehicle for a slightest moment - like during lag you are not able to control. Roads like this would never be allowed to exist in real world, but ok this is Chernarus and we want to make game challenging by both clever means and cheap ones too...). I believe the problem occurs when game is not able to keep-up with fast changes of player's/car's position. I was running my own home server on 1G LAN (separate physical machine), just one gigabit switch away from game PC, both PC and the server with pretty overkill specs, not running anything else - just server running DayZ Expermiental server and client PC running only DayZ client on steam (OK Firefox with single tab of iZurvive map). Same behavior observed also on random remote community server with decent low ping. So I think it is reasonable to say that issue is unrelated to computing resources available being it CPU, RAM or network latency+throughput. Interesting here is how issue gets worse over time as you play and move. Without real insight into what happens with the running code I can only speculate this has something to do with loading and releasing game data as you travel longer distances and get new areas activated around you. Maybe player uses more and more resources as he rapidly moves through many new areas and game engine does not keep up. I even heard sound getting worse over time - getting choppy at some point. I did not experiment with restarting either client or server to see which of them causes it. But I will try to gather more info and open separate ticket on it if I get better quality data to hand over to Bohemia Interactive to work with. As for now I would summarize:

  • problem manifests as erratic car behavior, in some cases as complete loss of proper car orientation relative to environment or loss of contact with ground
  • problem appears to be related to lag or non-realtime processing input events (keyboard, mouse), missed keypresses, or processed too late
  • problem seems to worsen over time, maybe with distance traveled, but can improve later too

Would you agree with above?


Thank you for that feedback. I would most certainly agree with what you've described in your comment and applaud your efforts to document and reproduce these bugs/glitches. Prior to 1.10 I had a car (can't remember which model) similarly bug out on me and begin to roll/spiral out of control however I was able to stop the car and it worked itself out. To add more information to what happened in my particular instance, I was going approximately 10-15kmh prior to the truck bugging out.