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Unstable 1.10 update, especially with cars
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The 1.10 update brought some huge desynch within the game. It takes more time to open doors (like 0.5 secs / 1 sec, we can feel it and its annoying) due to the update. The cars are the worst, it's almost impossible to drive when the desynch hits. The desynch hits with the car when the car bounces on the ground and one of the wheel are not touching the ground I noticed (just little bounce of the car while going fast)


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Take a car
  2. Go fast
  3. Go on roads going up and down to feel the car just bouncing a bit
  4. Observe the desynch with the car

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Deferto created this task.Nov 20 2020, 3:10 PM

If this was happening right after the server update, and shortly after your server restarted and players started logging in, this is because of your server doing the world updates processing. There was a MASSIVE amount of content added, both items that we can interact with, as well as environmental additions such as new boulders, vehicle spawn locations, combine wrecks, water tank trailers, tractors, et cetera. Yor server was lagging because is it processing this new data and populating the server with it. We were experiencing this same issue 24 hours ago when we were on shortly after the game update.

Sski added a subscriber: Sski.Nov 21 2020, 10:57 PM

Same on US 3664263

stierlitz added a subscriber: stierlitz.EditedNov 22 2020, 10:35 AM

Can very well be related to T155244 BTW I wouldn't say it is resource-related, my home server demonstrating this problem is hardly at 20% of CPU load, memory also pretty empty and network latency negligible. This must be a bug, not resources/load issue.

Actually, the desynch with cars (which appears literaly every 20 seconds while driving) appeared just after the last update. But when the server restarts and nobody joins, it's working normally. Fix this server desynch, when there are lots of players cars are unplayable.

same is happening on de 1462

So are the fucking devs going to fix this game someday ? Or am I dreaming since 2013 ? Like, literaly took my car and desynchronizing literaly every seconds : my car rolled back into a concrete wall and went into space and I died, legit car rockets

Why devs keep adding stuff in DayZ if the game isnt even fixed ? Yo tell me devs ? It's no more alpha beta or shit, it's a released game and it's still bugged af, wtf how is that not a priority ? Yo, HIRE SOME QUALIFIED GUYS