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Big security issue on Arma 3 and my solution for it
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Hey everybody,

the hackers will never give up to hack Arma 3 or the server's where the player are playing on.
My solution is quite easy.
Just add an Event Handler (EH) called "onCode" or "onExecution".
So everytime when somebody is using a code, you can check for the parameters, the code itself or other things.
So we just need to add the Event Handler and give it some options like: Check only code from clients or code from the server or in the best way you can add your own conditions to verify the code which wants to be ececuted.

Hopefully we can see this Event Handler soon!

Best regards!

Maybe Bohemia will release this kind of Eventhandler which will make it possbile to configure your own Anti-Cheat on your server!


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dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.EditedDec 16 2020, 12:30 PM

Performance. Nope.

And if you want to not have infinite recursion loop and server freeze/crash.
you need to ignore the code inside the eventhandler. which means cheaters will just add such an eventhandler to exec their code and be done.

Mhhhh, never thougt about this till now. Maybe you're right. But it should not be a problem to search for malware in the code. You can use arrays with thousands of words and can search for some things in it which takes only a little piece of time. We need a solution fast, to get these cheaters out of range and till Bohemia is not fixing their Anti-Cheat in cooperation with Battleye this seems to be the best way isn't it?
Maybe you have other suggestions.

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