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[Profiling Branch] Zeus cannot spawn in Modules & Units
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When the profiling branch is loaded, no individual units can be spawned in. No modules can be put down either. It's also impossible to remove anything. This has been tested on the Official Bohemia Zeus servers.

This cannot be fixed by re-logging, only by switching out of the perfomance branch.

If you host a Zeus server locally, it causes no issues.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041
Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce

Switch to the profiling branch and join a public server. Join as the Zeus, parameters don't matter. After placing down a respawn, you will see a blank unit category and you will be unable to place down any modules.

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Reproduced somewhat maybe.

Join fresh official zeus
place respawn (works fine)
after respawns were placed, units list is empty (???), groups list is filled and works fine
Objective modules cannot be placed, but also no error.
Placing groups works fine, but doesn't cost anything even though its a non-godmode server.

Restarting game or reconnecting works.
After reconnect, units list shows up, and costs now work properly too.

I found the bug though :U

Issue found and fixed in profiling v6.
Thanks for finding that, I don't understand why noone else noticed that

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