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Barbed Wire does not stop wounding after character is out of reach
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We have built a base and secured our two (metal) doors with Barbed Wire (both on the lower and the higher panel). The doors are very close to each other. Now of course you have to be very careful when opening the locks. We have often been wounded trying. That is okay.
But today it was different! my friend tried to unlock the first door from the outside, and suddenly started to get wounds. He ran away from the door into safety, but the wounds kept coming like one every second. We both bandaged him, but were not fast enough to keep up with the new wounds. His character made the "hurt" noise around every second. Then that character died.
I wanted to secure his stuff in the base, also tried to open the door. Really carefully!
But all the sudden - I did not even move then - it startet for my character too: a new wound every second up to 7 (I guess that is the maximum you can get). I ran away from the building, but still got hurt and died.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Step to close to a Barbed Wired door

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I can add our own case of this, reported by many players not only with Barbed Wire but also with fires - continues to damage player even after they have moved away

Log file entries attached

- picture of area showing XZY coords of the fence with Barbed Wire

Server performance stats:
2:18:39.319 Average server FPS: 23.59 (measured interval: 20 s)
2:18:39.319 Used memory: 3987479 KB
2:18:39.319 Players: 75 in total
2:18:59.336 Average server FPS: 23.38 (measured interval: 20 s)
2:18:59.336 Used memory: 3991699 KB
2:18:59.336 Players: 75 in total

dann1 added a subscriber: dann1.Jan 19 2021, 8:51 PM

Just happened to me, I play on the server, DayZ US - NY 6053 (1st Person only). Exact 7 cuts. I have barbed wire on both slots of the gate and while issuing the code for the code lock i turned to check the character blind spot, i usually do this so i dont get shot at while entering my base. 1st digit went fine (i hadn't turned my character yet). 2nd digit as soon as i turn my character, i get 2 cuts, then walk away and cuts start increasing up to 7, constantly issuing the cut/damage sound and animation. I was alone and couldn't bandage due to being constantly interrupted, saline bag couldn't be used as well.

This is still happening on DayZ Experimental 1.11.153696, as can be seen in this Twitch clip:

Interestingly, the server appeared to have crashed immediately after this happened.

Upon logging back in, the player was able to bandage and just barely survived with flashing red blood status.

This issue persists on 1.12