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CanReceiveItemIntoCargo Affecting popular mods, and is not modable
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In 1.08 the below code was introduced into inventoryitem.c / class clothing / CanReceiveItemIntoCargo.
I dont fully understand the reasons for this. But it is causing issues with modded containers that have attachment slots for clothing.
For example, OP_BaseItems has a locker, with all the same attachment slots as a player.
But now, those items must be removed, before items can be put inside.

I would work around this myself, but the Clothing class is not moddable...

Could you please wrap this in a function that i can mod ?

I realize that there are other tickets for this same issue. But they are requesting you make Clothing moddable, which might be much harder than a moddable wrapper function IMO.

Thanks :)

		override bool CanReceiveItemIntoCargo( EntityAI cargo )
			if (!super.CanReceiveItemIntoCargo(cargo))
				return false;
			EntityAI hierarchyParent = GetHierarchyParent();
			return !hierarchyParent || hierarchyParent.IsMan() || SmershException(hierarchyParent);


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Have a non man container, with clothing attachments.
Try and put items in that clothing.

Cant mod this behaviour because the Clothing class is not moddable.

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Same bug appears in vanilla, putting a clothing item into the buttpack of the smreshvest when it's attached, will not work.

here's why it appeared in 1.08:

Diff from 107->108:

I commented out the following line:

return !parent.GetHierarchyParent() || parent.GetHierarchyParent().IsMan();


after which the clothing would go into the buttpack just fine: