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addTorque input is clockwise, not counter-clockwise
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The wiki says the torque vector is counter-clockwise. But when I try this command the torque is clockwise.

Also, the diagram is completely wrong, according to the right-hand rule.

So either the wiki description is incorrect, or the command is implemented incorrectly.

I think the latter is more likely, because even the game coordinates are right-handed. Having a left-handed rotation vector in a right-handed coordinate system is just confusing.


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Leopard20 created this task.Jul 9 2020, 4:53 AM

you dont need to to make a ticket about BIKI information, you can join discord and discuss your concerns there. much more efficient and fast. BIKI is down at the moment I cannot see the diagram, but nothing was changed in command functionality so the diagram has to be the correct one

BIS_fnc_KK added a comment.EditedJul 9 2020, 8:14 AM

I found the diagram in, yes, it should say clockwise for correctness. the command however does not follow right hand rule. why? your guess is as good as mine. to make it compatible with right hand rule, all vector values should be negated

BIS_fnc_KK changed the task status from New to Acknowledged.Jul 9 2020, 10:52 AM
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you dont need to to make a ticket about BIKI information

I know. But I thought it was implemented incorrectly, because it was reversed.