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( HumanCommandMove > GetCurrentInputAngle ) is lying to me
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class HumanCommandMove
function GetCurrentInputAngle
! direction held on keyboard/controller
! -180 -90 0 90 180 angles of input movement (no filtering, no postprocesses)
//! return false in idle states

The function promises the direction of keyboard / controller, but this value is overwritten when using
OverrideMovementSpeed or OverrideMovementAngle

Expected behavior:
use OverrideMovementSpeed to override player speed,
check GetCurrentInputAngle and receive information about the player keyboard/controller input

Current (bugged) behavior:
use OverrideMovementSpeed to override player speed,
check GetCurrentInputAngle and receive wrong information because of the override.

There already is a function to check the current movement angle, input angle should only be changable with actual inputs.
GetCurrentMovementAngle <--- movement angle
GetCurrentInputAngle <--- Should be ACTUAL keyboard/controlelr input ONLY


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Scripts inside DayzPlayerImplement:

  1. Debug / display the current input angle


		HumanCommandMove hcm = GetCommand_Move(); 
		float t_InputDirFloat;
		bool t_IsInput = hcm.GetCurrentInputAngle(t_InputDirFloat);
		// DEBUG t_InputDirFloat and t_IsInput on every frame


  1. Apply override movement speed




  1. the debug will still show t_IsInput as true until OverrideMovementSpeed is disabled
Additional Information

Alternatively and as an extra it would be nice and very epic to have a limit for movement speed, which would allow user input to increase speed until the limit.

proto native void LimitMovementSpeed(bool pOverride, float pCeiling);

Having a limit like this would probably be even better and allow more possibilities for mods

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Excellent, very good information that will make the game go in a more optimal and better quality for all of us and the other users who make life in this good game HumanCommandMove and that I know makes millions and millions of users spend hours and hours in front of their screens to entertain themselves and more during this pandemic that literally isolated us and locked everyone up the truth is that I will also do my part, shortly I will publish it here so be on the lookout for them to take a look at you