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Dumbass bug that ruins the game and i dont want to play it anymore now
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I was is north airfield when I shot a zombie with my silenced gun. I had just gotten to north airfield. Making the trek up there is a long run. this is what makes this complete bullshit and I want my shit back. so I was fighting the zombies and was bleeding. It wouldn't let me bandage. I would click and hold bandage and it would act like i just clicked it. I tried morphine and rags nothing was working. getting stuff out of my inventory and into my hands was messed up too. Idk what exactly happened but it ruined the game for me. I probably wont open this game again for a long time if ever. looting up and going all the way to northwest airfield takes so much time and for it to be ruined by some fucking bug and I have no way to contact and admin to get my stuff back. Is just stupid. There needs to be a way to remedy these situations. I've been playing Dayz since arma2 and this is the first time I dont think I'll play it again and its sad. I dont see how something as simple as bandaging can be fucked up. This was in an online server:, I was near the ATC tower in NW and was hit by a zombie and was fighting off others, I ran to a building closed the door and began to administer first aid. I couldn't, the zombies got in, I ran out the other door to another building and closed the door, again tried to administer first aid to no effect. Bled out because it wouldn't let me use anything. Completely ruined the game for me. Also ealier in the game I was tabbed out and luckily I tabbed back in to check on my game to see a zombie had glitched through a closed door and almost killed me close to NW. I had no problem administering first aid then.


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