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Character repeatedly laughing after eating animal fat
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I have cooked and eaten animal fat but my character has started laughing on its own. I really do not want to kill my character to get rid of it as I have got a good amount of supplies for surviving


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Hello NotoriousPUG-.
Are you certain you haven't eaten any human meat or human fat?

I dont think it was human fat, or anything human related but I could be mistaken

Geez added a comment.Jun 17 2020, 2:35 PM

Thank you.
We are going to test the animal fat to see if it can produce the issue.

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Thankyou, in the mean time what can I do about my character?

@Geez This issue is reported by mistake. I've killed and eaten countless animal fat and never contracted kuru. The player undoubtedly found a piece of fat that came from a human.

@NotoriousPUG- If you found this fat in someone else's stash and ate it, then you got tricked. It's a common technique employed to grief burglars. You can't get rid of kuru as far as I know, but some players have said that keeping a teddy bear in your inventory eventually removes the kuru disease.

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There really needs to be a way to distinguish human fat from animal fat. I've found taht either griefers and/or legit players commandeering a stash are causing problems (see below for what happened to me). It's that or a bug changing the type of fat, or disease bug (my character was wet), or hackers. On that latter note, I logged a bug months ago but nothing has happened (i.e. status change or comment):

//(BTW none of the legit bugs I've taken the time to log (with detailed repro steps when possible). Am I logging these incorrectly? Sumrak/Adam was very helpful on Saturday during the DayZ podcast and I'm starting to loose hope with the  feedback/bug tracker to get legit issues logged. That said I realize it's my main way to to log bugs so I want to make sure I'm using it properly)//

In any case... Re today's bout with kuru, I'd eaten recently (maybe IRL 15 min earlier) from one of my stashes. I steer 100% clear of human meat/fat and only cut up 2 bodies (1 my own) when the weapon stuck in hand bug existed.

However, today I happened to be near said stash I'd eaten from and I noticed that it appeared to have been tampered with. A gray Deagle (thought those only came in gold) was in the stash. I'd never found a Deagle before. I took a closer look at my stash. Out of 5 crates nothing of value was missing save for a worn yellow hardcase. The hardcase had nothing of value - just a basic vest and a combat knife. 250 nails, high tier ammo, and guns (Viaga), where all 100% intact. Nothing else appeared to be missing. That's when it hit me. Either a player had found my stash and "claimed it" (i.e. either share space temporarily and/or hadn't moved it yet) or I was being griefed (that or a legit bug or illegit hacker).

I get how some people may use it as a way to catch burglars but that's one reason I never take fat from other players - ever. Can't trust it. I'm sure most people who want to avoid kuru act the same. Then again, ask yourself how effective is a deterrent that only impacts one item in the game and that those raiding a stash can easily deal with by not taking. It really isn't if you think about it (i.e. people change behavior). Instead it becomes a very effective form of camoflaged griefing. That's just players begging for a way to better protect their stashes (craftable booby traps that can be disarmed of course). It's only effective for griefers and only ruins the game.

This experience today really annoyed me. My character was deep in-land where maniacal laughs are a death sentence (as are compromised aim). That and being that it was night dealing with the sadistic 1.09 nature of being a freshie at night on a pitch-black HC server meant my day was done, maybe even my week as the amount of hacking going on is only increasing thanks to the influx of new players and the unforgiving nature of being a freshie in 1.09 on a high-pop server.

In any case, if we have a model for human meat why not a model or some way where the player can "inspect" the meat (say an action that takes a few seconds)? Disincentivizing cannibalism is all and good. However, players using it as a form of grief or other (commandeering a stash) is another.

While some might see griefing as just part of the game it really is sadistic if you think about it. It's one thing to "hunt" down a player. I'm even okay with players being captured and force-fed human fat. But "infecting" a stash, leaving it otherwise intact, and possibly have weeks go by before the impact. Only a sadist/troll/griefer gets off on that.

The result is you end up not trusting fat (to cook or eat) unless it's on your person. That or you start cataloging every piece of fat you happen to store by % consumed, location, orientation (which with 2x2 may now always be vertical for new fat) or just stop using fat all together and boiling all your meat. At that point the griefers are (as griefers do) ruining the game.

Trolling with bottles of gas is one thing, the player has the ability to inspect it's contents. A way I get around this is I always check a bottle before I drink if it's in one of my stashes. As for trolling with dirty water, I never leave a partial bottle in a stash, and I sanitize my bottles before drinking so I never assume a bottle in a stash is clean. This allows me to deal with avoid getting griefed. There is however now way to avoid that with fat. Even cataloging isn't full proof if a griefer is willing to put in the hard time and consume the fat themselves to match the %.

I know of a few people who've even trolled by timing down grenades to make them lethal to a user. That is very dangerous though as you risk death doing so. There is no risk in replacing a hunk of fat in one stash with human fat and as such that sort of griefing ruins the game.

While some may think the trolling is for LOLs and part of the game, it's one thing to capture a player and forcefeed them fat, it's another to do this. Having a a character you've run for weeks or more - especially now where being a freshie is extremely painful (at night) - such trolling techniques are making the game nearly not worth playing.

Regarding stashes:
This occasion today (assuming I'm correct which I feel I am) would mark the first time that a stash I have was found, not looted, but instead "infected". Couple that with the fact that I'm very good about how I hide a stash (buried or otherwise). Case in point, in 1200 hours of game play - ignoring the time I was def ESP hacked - I've had maybe 4 out of maybe 40+ stashes found. I have to ignore the ESP hack as that weekend - free-to-play in Feb 2020 - was a hacker's paradise. There were dozens of complaints on steam forums and here of buried stashes across official servers having been 100% dug up 0 including every one of mine across the map. ESP hackers are another matter though...

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