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Player Contracting Kuru at Random
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I've had 5 characters contract Kuru know without eating human meat/fat and. As far as I know my character didn't drink from a flask contaminated by a character that did have Kuru (except for in possibly one case - see below).

This started about 1.5 months ago (1.07 hotfix) on the Official 1PP server I play on:

Server: DayZ US 3664224 HC (Public) (

The first time was after skinning a chicken. I had to log off before finding a water source to wash my hands but I made sure NOT to eat or drink anything (not that I'd get Kuru from a chicken). When I logged back on a day or so later 5 minutes into game play I had Kuru (again a CHICKEN blood). I thought maybe there was a bug and the blood type (chicken) was corrupted.

The other times it has occurred have been random at best. Once I considered it possible I may have contracted kuru from drinking from a flask that a previous character had drank from. That is prior to realizing that previous character had "spontaneously" contracted Kuru. I say that because my character came down with Kuru shortly after drinking from the flask. I emptied the flask in question and sanitized it with disinfectant and then filled it with clean water and used Chlorine. Overkill, maybe, but by this point it was the 3rd time I'd randomly come down with Kuru. I did this even though it wasn't clear if Kuru could be caught by eating or drinking from an "object" that an infected had interacted with. I knew a cold could be caught this way but not kuru (on that note I feel a cold should only be communicable in that way for a short period).

This last time (latest 1.08 hotfix yesterday morning) was no different; however, in this case I know 100% that my character had no consumed anything in more than 6 hours of in game time. I literally walked into a house, found a bottle of water, put it in my inventory (double click) walked out of the building and maybe 100 meters later the maniacal laughing started.

I did not drink from the bottle. I did noticed it was only 20% full, and I've usually found full bottles of water (rarely partially filled on Vanilla). While someone with kuru might have left it there all I did was put it in my inventory.


  1. There is some random bug allowing Kuru to be caught like a cold
  2. Kuru is somehow "infecting" other items in the game and drinking/eating may not be a requirement to catch it from these (if it's communicable to start)
  3. Hackers... Some kind of hack is allowing other players to infect other players with Kuru. It was telling that I had a very pronounced lag spike about 2 minutes before (like when you enter someone else's network bubble.

This is a major problem as it often means the character impacted is DoA (as in I have to stash their stuff and then either do a suicide run or F11).

PS : The issue of hitting lag spikes needs to be fixed as it ruins the stealth nature of the game for both players and hidden tents/barrels/crates. Could an async-load of data or merging of network bubbles not be done to avoid these spikes (i.e. to feather in data (crates etc) and players so to speak). It might mean they "pop-in" under some circumstances but I'd rather that than the current lag spikes that given things away. I'll log a separate bug.


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Windows 10 x64
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Play for long enough and your character may get kuru at random (as noted this could be hackers but perhaps someone could check the server logs)

DayZ US 3664224 HC (Public) - Hosted by

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Similar issue

So I survived a zombie attack, patched myself up using verified disinfected bandages, all seemed fine. Later grew some pumpkins ,harvested, ate a little and logged off when my health was back to normal. Nothing unusual. Next login I immediately vomit, get the fever/grunts and figured ok, tetracycline time, maybe I got a bad infection... this soon descended into the creepy AF laughing fits. First time experiencing this, because I already know not to eat human flesh, fat, or drink with infected blood soaked hands etc.

Is this a bug? Anyone else experienced this - especially since latest update? Is it time for me to bury my stash and prepare to meet my giggly doom? Any support option?