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Smoke Removal via Semi-Transparent Material(s)
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The material used on the window of the small kiosk / store (Eg; Red Burger, BLUKING, etc.) causes smoke to not render. If there is a smoke grenade in screen-space, both the smoke, and body of the grenade disappear when viewed through the window of the kiosk / store.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Operating System Version
8.1 Professional
Steps To Reproduce
  • Start Arma 3.
  • Create or join any game/server.
  • Enter small store (eg; Red Burger, BLUKING, etc).
  • Face a smoke grenade through the glass.
Additional Information

Object in question:

Video example of bug:

Scary Thought:
Someone (hacking / scripting) could create a "10m User Texture" object, apply this material to it, attach it to their player facing towards them and they would never see smoke in game.

Potential Fixes:

  • Remove glass from kiosks & replace with metal gate.
  • Prevent any material from effecting render layers in such a way.

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Well. This will be fixed you will be able to see the smoke from inside the kiosk, however it will cause some alpha sorting glitches because of the limits of the engine. However we decided that these glitches are the lesser evil.

Glad to hear. Hopefully the compromise isn't too bad!