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Crash to Desktop with Nimitz development version
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When I setPosASL a shuttle (car class) onto the Nimitz deck, I get a crash to desktop. This does not happen all the time on my desktop, but on my weaker laptop seemingly all the time.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

Load the Nimitz experimental build
System crashes within the setPosASL in

I can share the build and open lod models if you need.

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here the crash files:

I changed the shuttle class from Car_F to Plane_base_F and added driveOnComponent and the crash stops.

dedmen claimed this task.EditedSat, May 23, 2:45 PM
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11:50:14 Dimensions in class jdg_mk29_restricted should be an array of size 2.
11:50:14 Error: EntityAI SubSkeleton index was not initialized properly (repeated 0x in the last 60sec)
11:50:14 name: JDG_carrier_deck_1, shape: jdg_carrier\res\carrier_1.p3d, index: -1, matrices: 0
11:50:14 Dimensions in class ttt_rim116_restricted should be an array of size 2.
11:50:14 Dimensions in class ttt_phalanx_restricted should be an array of size 2.

Please fix ;)
class >> "VehicleTransport" >> "Cargo" >> "Dimensions"

dedmen changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Sat, May 23, 3:06 PM

Oh wow what did you find here :D

Holy cheese.. what the hell..
Would need to repro.
Please give me the mod to load (over discord works too doesn't need to be public) and send me repro steps.
Its the collision resolver for car class... But I don't know how whats happening here is possible.
That car simulation.. is that not CarX? Aka physx?

Actually.. you have a car, thats a static object, with a destructiontype of building... what the frick are you doing? :D

The shuttle should be a moving object, that traverses along the catapult upon launch and then back. With Car_F my scripts work, but on my laptop I get a 90% CTD possibilty. On my beefier desktop it still crashes sometimes.

I try to reproduce this again and send you a dropbox link via discord. Thanks for looking into this!

It now stopped crashing on the laptop and on the desktop. The simulation was set to car (inherited field) and not carX. I guess without a reproducer we can close this one, sorry for the fuzz.