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Tanoa forest paths detected with nearRoads, but isOnRoad and roadsConnectedTo don't return information on them
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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Terrain Processor
Steps To Reproduce

Start a Tanoa session. The command

[8666,7198,0] nearRoads 20

will return two road segments. The command

([8666,7198,0] nearRoads 20) apply { isOnRoad getPos _x }

will return [false, false]. The command

([8666,7198,0] nearRoads 20) apply { roadsConnectedTo _x }

will return [[], []]

Additional Information

This bug interferes with any code attempting to use roads near the forest paths. Right now, I park trucks on the sides of roads. If my code runs near a village with forest paths, it'll see the roads, but not be able to use them. So my code has to defend against this missing information.

This also makes a hash of any road-following code.

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The road piece is not connected to other road pieces, so they are ignored for the "is there a road on this position" check....

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