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No animations of geometries working on vehicle
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It's currently not possible to animate geometries inside a vehicle right now.

Translation and hide animations doesn't do anything on all geometries of the vehicle. But all resolution LODs working.

I will add source and pbo packed inside steps to reproduce so you can easily test it.

This is a video, so you can understrand easily :


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Just launch the pbo already packed, spawn the vehicle tutorial. classname is "dbo_car_tutorial".

Point to it, use K for hiding animation.
Use J for translation.

You will see when using translation/hiding animations, you can see the animation working correctly for resolution LODs, but if you try to run through it, you will be blocked by geometry.

I just want to add something, if you open the model in buldozer, and go through each lod and test hide/translation animation, you see the part moving/hiding correctly.

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