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M2 turret gunners are immune to explosive damage
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As far as I can tell gunners of the Old Man M2 turrets are immune to damage from explosives. The turret itself is not, which means that you can kill both the gun and the gunner with a big enough boom, but small explosives like grenades do nothing to the gunner. And if you have an invincible turret, the gunner can take absurd amounts of explosives without taking any damage.

The gunners do take damage from bullets as expected. This issue appears to affect all M2 variants, but does not affect the Mk30 turrets or the M2 technicals. It also occurs both for AI and player gunners.

Video of this issue: Note that the turret is *not* invincible here; as far as I can tell the APERS mines just don't damage the turret, probably because they can't overcome its explosive resistance.

Testing done on main 1.98.146373, in local "multiplayer", with no mods or optional DLC.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn a M2 turret with a gunner by any means.
  2. Attempt to take out the gunner with small explosives like hand grenades. The gunner will not take any damage unless you manage to destroy the turret itself.


  1. Place a M2 turret with a gunner in the editor. Double click on the gun (*not* the gunner!), and uncheck the "Enable Damage" checkbox.
  2. Attempt to kill the gunner with explosives. In my testing, he survived piles of satchel charges and repeated pounding with 155mm artillery.
  3. Shoot the gunner with a gun. He should die as expected.

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Thank you for the report. We will have a look at it.

Wulf added a comment.May 14 2020, 11:52 AM

It should be fixed in the next Dev build.

I tested the dev change, it seems a lot better now but I did notice that the gunners are still oddly resistant to RGN grenades. This isn't very consistent but when throwing grenades at M2s surrounded by other similar units, the M2s would survive sometimes where other units would consistently die. This seems to happen more often for the low M2s for some reason.

Here's a video of the type of thing I'm talking about: I didn't record it but the gunner's damage after was still 0 after the blast.

I imagine this would happen for other smaller explosives, but I don't know any offhand smaller than the RGNs (the mine dispenser mines maybe?). Larger grenades like the RGO and 40mms seemed to work as expected.