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Closing inventory causes freezes
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Hello, I'm sending my message here hoping that someone's experienced the same issue and found a solution.

I play a lot of DayZ (on mod servers and classic ones), and i've been recently encountering this lag spike whenever I try to exit my inventory (with tab or esc).
Whenever I try to esc out of my inventory after not opening it for a while, i can't close it without having a freeze of my screen of about 2-3 seconds.
But once i've exited out, if i try to open it again frequently, i won't have that lag (but if i don't open it after ~1mn i'm sure to get the lag spike again).

I first thought it was a hardware issue (like when i try to close it after a while maybe I have to charge again my environment hence the freezing), but i have an i5-7300hq, a GTX 1050Ti, 16 gb of ram 2400 mhz, and my game is installed on an SSD.

I've also checked my game files on steam, tried reinstalling DayZ, and checked all of my drivers to see if it could fix it, but nothing works.

Anyone's had the same problem or found a solution about that ?

I'm sorry if someone has already had this problem on the forum, I tried looking up for that but it looks like i'm the only one on earth having that issue.

Also: sometimes (that's rare but still frequent), I have the same kind of freeze for 2-3 seconds everytime I kill a zombie or a player, but the inventory freezes happen literally all the time, making it very difficult to play in some situations (like trying to loot someone very fast, and having that freeze, making me an easy not-moving target, same for when i have to loot someth basic like food on a zombie i get this freeze on the middle of a city, etc...).


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Windows 10
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Try exiting the inventory after not opening it for around 1 mn.

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Anyone has found an answer or experienced it as well ?

Ilias added a subscriber: Ilias.EditedOct 30 2020, 4:34 AM

This happens every time (regardless was it reopened or not) . And every time after killing a zombie nearby (as further, so shorter the freeze . not sure about players) .

This always presented, since 2 years ago . 16GB of RAM never reach 80% . Video memory of GTX 860M are fully loaded, but its enough for all other modern games .

Anybody else suffering with this issue..??? As it has just recently started to happen to me... Was fine running almost flawlessly, now this past week or so I have been getting these stutters only for a second sometimes a little bit longer after leaving my inventory/killing zombies/players/sometimes just randomly running/aiming down sights... really annoying.
Any fixes found for this ??

Intel core I7-6700
Geforce GTX 1070 8gb
16gb Ram
Game installed on SSD

Ilias added a comment.EditedDec 12 2020, 7:18 PM

@DiggaDj beyond the inventory and zombies issue, these is one with loading the map . check your SSD for { slower speed / higher error rate } .

Ilias added a comment.EditedDec 25 2020, 3:55 PM

It seems that the zombie killing freeze happens if the PC was loaded from hibernation . though the inventory one happens always .

the zombie one present anyway, just with hibernation its longer

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