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"0x0000dead- and 0xC000041D - STATUS_FATAL_USER_CALLBACK_EXCEPTION" error Old man beta
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Only while playing the 'old man' beta have I received these error codes. Both times it was about 8-10 hours of play time in. the first time it occurred was with my main profile, I was at the point in the campaign where you have to find counteragent and give to dr drabek. I died and went to reload and it did not reload and displayed error 0xC000041D and displayed that message every time I tried to reload that autosave. tried verifying integrity of game file, deleted phys_x3 file that a forum suggested, figured save was corrupted so started over on my other profile. Got to same objective except this time made it on the actual csat island at the main base, and also configured game so I could manually save instead of the recommended 'save when sleep' so i could have a save to fall back on should it get corrupted (so I thought). I died, tried to reload, first I got the same 0xC000041D error so I tried reloading the save just before and got the 0x0000dead- error. And every time since I have received 1 code or the other. However when I receive the "dead" error it is usually accompanied by a system message saying something to the degree of "no virtual memory"
Also I will mention I did manage to get the secondary profile to reload and work one time AFTER receiving both error codes numerous times from failed solution attempts. For some reason it worked 1 time when I went into parameters and ran the game in 32-bit mode don't know why but after that I couldn't load the saves anymore for old man.


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Windows 10
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Game Crash
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Play old man beta campaign explore, hoard weapons, find caches, try to unlock every hidden thing and location for 8-10 hours before resigning to complete the campaign; then get killed. sorry but it doesn't do it at all in the beginning of the game, only once you've got a nice big save with a lot going on. my save file just before this happened on my secondary profile was 247,552 kb. on my primary profile the autosave was 183,281 kb. I will attach my save files right before the crash hopefully you can use them if not I apologize.

Additional Information

These are the saves:

Here is DXDiag:

Here are 2 error reports one from each profile the first is from the "white" profile the second from my "other" profile:

Also only mods used are : No weapon sway, foxtrot camo pack, and military gear pack. however even without those mods game still crashes.
And I play with combination keyboard and xbox controller.

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Coxswain added a comment.EditedMar 31 2020, 9:47 AM

I'm having the exact same issue, right down to the error codes (0x0000DEAD, 0xC000041D, STATUS_FATAL_USER_CALLBACK_EXCEPTION, and Too Many Virtual Memory Blocks Requested) as well as being at a similar point in the campaign. Saves started acting up around when I started getting tasks to assist insurgents, so I started manually backing up the autosaves since they were getting unreliable. Now the last 20 saves in my campaign cause the game to crash - the last working save was from right after I destroyed the main AA site on Mount Tanoa. Only mod I'm using is ASR AI, which hasn't given me issues in any other campaign or showcase so I doubt that's it.

dedmen added subscribers: BIS_fnc_KK, dedmen.EditedMar 31 2020, 1:15 PM

Ref @BIS_fnc_KK
180MB savegames definitely doesn't sound right.

dedmen raised the priority of this task from Normal to High.Mar 31 2020, 1:15 PM

yes the saves are massive see attached in my original ticket I posted both profile saves the one I had to zip it was soo big, it zipped down to 47 mb but unzipped its about 247 MB and thats close to what the other saves on that profile are the most recent 5 saves are between 238,000 KB to 247,000 KB which is unusually high for a save game file. even on my system i7 7700 ~ 2.80GHz, 16 GB RAM , GTX 1060 video card. before the crash would take about 3-4 min to load then would lag for about the first 5 min into gameplay. can hear my laptop fully ramped up fan running continuously non stop while playing where normally with most other games I play it'll get going about every 10 min then slow down for a bit. Not bragging but this comp is a beast normally I can play No mans sky, Skyrim, Witcher, Doom, No problems No lag laptop relatively quiet. On the last run I managed to get working where I ran the game in 32-bit mode My laptop was practically screaming the whole time so much so I paused and checked to make sure there was nothing online saying not to run old man beta in 32-bit or anything like it.

Here's a screenshot of my save history I started keeping once I noticed things getting unreliable every so often. Autosave 8 is the last one that will load without crashing, every single save after that causes the game to crash. Even though some of the later files are smaller than the 169MB of the last working save they still cause the game to crash on loading for some reason. I had some later ones but I was deleting them as I was trying to load them and gave up when I realized I was having a 100% failure rate.

yeah coxswain yours look alot like mine

If you try to run any of yours in 32- bit do any of the later saves work? It almost seems to me (imo) that because there is soo much going on on the map and the beta runs like one big continuous mission with no interruptions that the files get too big to handle and run out of virtual memory; and the longer you spend in the mission changing things that makes the file bigger eventually it just crashes. I think it doesnt do it while actually playing because its bound by the limitations on each cell of the map it only has to load each cell as you approach or get near, but when you have to reload it has to process everything on the map modified from its original state to call back on later once the player enters the cell and it just devours the memory to the point the system has to protect itself from using all the memory and cuts the program. Again this is my opinion just what it seems like to my limited computer knowledge.
just out of curiousity how much memory are you working with on your system coxswain? Im curious if people with more or less memory availability are having this issue. Because I havent seen any other tickets with this issue however I have seen plenty people complaining about similar issues on the steam forum just not reporting it I guess, so I wonder if its a specific system setup that causes it like something I could go into settings and change or if it only effects those who play a certain way that creates massive save files and draws to much. If it is a memory availability issue like not enough it would seem youd have to have a pretty ridiculous setup in order to have enough to play this.

I'm at 8GB of memory, which might explain why mine is crashing at a smaller filesize compared to your saves. 32-bit mode didn't have any effect, unfortunately.

I'm trying the release candidate build to see if that runs any better. I just got the intel from Harcourt and my saves are hovering at around 110-120MB. I think you're on the right track about the saves trying to keep track of too many things, so I'm making an effort to not do stuff like dump 10 first-aid kits on the ground when I need more storage space in a vehicle. NPC bodies and equipment seem to disappear after a while (as they should), but anything I interact with seems to be more persistent.

Also I would like to say for the record I have not tried a system restore as I have seen some have had success with those more extreme measures (one guy said he had to replace his hard drive). Reason being literally everything else works fine. The main Arma game, DLC, and everything else I play work perfectly and these measures seem to be geared more toward people with complete Arma 3 or system failure whereas mine only happens when I try to load one of the saves specifically for the beta.

Managed to finish the game with the RC build, but I rushed to the end and didn't participate in any insurgent assaults, and deliberately avoided things like taking extra vehicles or dumping gear on the ground. The saves kept getting larger, and I have a feeling that if I spent more time exploring things would start getting wonky again. I was already starting to experience similar issues that I saw late in my previous run, such as furniture objects taking a long time to load and popping up after doing fast travel, or the black screen taking way longer than usual to fade away after resting. Performance when starting the campaign and when getting closer to the end is like night and day.

Yea I was noticing the same thing when I played youre right it is like night and day with how long it takes to load. So it is something with the saves getting too big using up all the available memory I was wondering if I just blew through the campaign if Id be able to finish it I just didnt want to wind up crying over another failed attempt if it didnt work lol. You just confirmed it though, thats awesome now we just gotta find a fix for it where it wont matter how long you play in game. I wonder if they removed the "support" missions with insurgents if that would fix it enough or if there was some way to break it up in the middle where most of the world would reset except storage Items and inventory, a nice compromise between the RPG experience and the sandbox world youre actually in. I could see that being an issue as well i.e. I spent about 2 hours attaacking the airport to steal a xi,an VTOL and had no where to store it but the rebel airfield on another island down south. matter of fact that was what i used to infiltrate the tonuka island where csat is. Id have been pissed if all that reset and I didnt have that anymore. I dont know It doesnt seem like theres any way to fix this issue the right way. you either have to blow through the campaign, or have a system so ridiculous that virtual memory doesnt matter.

Before This Issue gets buried Is there anyone reviewing or looking into a solid fix for this? Or at least an update on whats going on? It is a great beta but this issue makes the game basically unplayable. Very Frustrating.

It just got an official release today so it'd be good to know if anything's actually been done to fix the save issue before jumping in.

SavageMcTavish added a comment.EditedApr 17 2020, 4:30 PM

Been playing since the official release. Played a solid day yesterday to find this error again today. Defininately frustrating. All in all, brilliant but maybe buggy as a release. Just my opinion.

I have had this exact same thing happen to me today. I started a game yesterday, I've been going slow with it, stockpiling and such. I also found the bug where backpacks duplicate and make your character warp and maybe that has something to do with it but the first time I got the error on the corrupted save saying not enough memory with 32Gb of RAM is a bit hard to believe to say the least. And my current save is 180Mb, I managed to return to a different one but again now it's corrupted. This is my favorite "game mode" in Arma and it's a shame I can't really play it because the save will be unusable.

i had this exact virtual memory problem too since beta, and on official release its still the same thing. same as you, my savegame size is above 170MB.

Same problem for me! I was really enjoying playing the game but we should be able to finish it, and not be held back by crashes after 10 hours into the game. Hope this gets resolved!

Same exact issues, post official release. Game saves stop working around similar point in the game (10-15 hours of gameplay), with stockpiling, have been really enjoying it. Thought the insurgent hiring aspect is available I havent used it yet, so I doubt that that is the threshold that is causing these issues. If the game only works by rushing through it I would say it defeats the whole point...and misses out on the most fun aspect (I mamaged to get the entire and absaloutely massive weapons cache at the Pearl Industrial Port just before I couldnt save or load any further). Save files are sitting at around system has 32gigs of ram. There are at least 4 tickets open on here with the same issue. Really hope it gets attention.

dudereply added a comment.EditedApr 19 2020, 3:57 PM

Quick update: I have had success in opening save files that I couldn't before by playing ARMA 3 in 32bit mode, however saving is unreliable, as the game often crashes and I get a 0x0000DEAD - error code. Have had the game also randomly freeze in 32bit mode.

aleton added a subscriber: aleton.Apr 19 2020, 10:26 PM

Adding for visibility; I have been having the same issues.

VC added a subscriber: VC.Apr 20 2020, 8:04 AM

I have the exact same issues. Running with only 3 mods. Enhanced Movement. Advance Towing. And Enable Debug Console(To help fix bugs). Damn, looks like your save will just die after about 10 hours in no matter what, then huh?

I have the same problem, even if I played without mod. I think it happened cuz the file was saved when u died. And if u load it, it cant work out cuz u died. However, I dont know what to do, I really dont restart it again.