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Aim Delay & Trigger Delay
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The new server side checks on guns/inventory are causing severe issues on populated servers when trying to aim and fire guns.

When on a busy server and you press RMB to aim, the gun will raise and then there will be a delay of 0.5 to 2 seconds before you will aim down sights. This also affects hipfire, when raising your weapon to fire, there is the same delay before you are actually able to fire after raising the weapon.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

-Join an official server with 50 players or more.
-Press right click to aim and look at the delay.
-Hold right click to raise weapon and try to fire immediately, the bullet will not always fire.

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Still seeing this issue in 1.09 but I'm pretty sure I see it when the serve is low pop now as I could swear I see it all the time now - even when the server is sub 20 (granted with Shroud and Summit playing low-pop really hasn't been a thing so perhaps I've just not taken notice. I'll do so going forward and report.