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BIS_fnc_findSafePos blacklist format
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From the Biki:

blacklistPos (Optional): List of blacklisted areas in format [area1, area2, area3... areaN] (Default: []). Area could be one of:

  • Array - in format [topLeftCorner, bottomRightCorner] - top and bottom coordinates of blacklisted area
  • Object - trigger area
  • String - marker area
  • Location - location
  • Array - array in format [center, distance] or [center, [a, b, angle, rect]] or [center, [a, b, angle, rect, height]]

The last two alternate blacklist array formats appear to be incorrect. Using them returns a blacklist area not reflected by its parameters. The error(?) is in the extra set of square brackets around the dimensional params - [a, b, angle, rect]. If those brackets are removed, the blacklist is processed correctly.

Discussion on the BI forums here:

Either this is a bug, or a simple misprint/error on the Biki. I am assuming the latter.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Run the function with and without the indicated set of brackets and monitor results.

**Repro mission here**

There are two radio triggers. Both execute code that populates the map with dot markers representing valid safe positions.

Radio Alpha ("Broken Format") uses the format found on the Biki: markerPos "blacklist", [250, 500, 45, false]
Radio Bravo ("Correct Format") uses the working format: markerPos "blacklist", 250, 500, 45, false

What happens with the incorrect format is a generic rectangular area is defined using the "center" param (here, "markerPos "blacklist") as the upper right corner. The area appears to extend ~infinitely to the lower left.

Clear map showing area markers

Broken Format results

Correct format results

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