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Possible stamina rework.
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Current stamina system is pretty primitive and nobody really cares about it. It doesnt make the game realistic for vanilla players (propably just 1% of all players) and modded servers have it turned off. It needs to change and here are my possible new systems. First one: There is no stamina for running, there are 4 stages of overweight, first one is little overweight, its slower than normal one by 10% (normal sprint is around 70-75% of speed of current 1.07 sprint) second one is medium overweight that has 15% slower running speed, third one is heavily overweight and it has 20% slower running, stage nr 4 is making character unable to run, at every stage of overweight jogging has the same speed (slower than current 1.07 one). Second stage should be average stage most of fully geared player will have, third one should trigger only once player carries few rifles and full inventory of ammo and food. Fourth one should trigger only when carrying heavy base building items.


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If you dont like that idea please try something diffrent, just dont force us to play with current one.

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Hello NakedByo and thank you for your feedback.
The stamina system will be tweaked in the future versions and some of the changes will address some of the issues you describe.