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esp hack
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chilly created this task.Feb 14 2020, 1:02 PM

i'm Chilly
I would just like to we where looted by a person or group with a esp hack
sever was ip
its an official sever
we lost our raiding gear a lars a vsd gilly suites ak
the boxs where berried and spread over a large distance .
it would nearly been impossible to find the 14 boxes without an esp hack.
they only have taken key items i.e batteries night vision and guns leaving the 308 cal riffles and food .we had the boxs grouped in 3 separate groups.

I always under stand theirs a chance of stashes being found but not like this.

i logged to in the afternoon and was in the stash location( I would say around 2pm Australian eastern time our location was un touched logged back into sever at around 6pm had a 60 person que only to find every box un covered and looted.
our stash location was in the forest behind sinystok south of the radio tower.
spread over a large distance.
I cannot understand how a hack like that can go un detected on a official sever.

we lost what had taken a long time to build. my buddy i play with has come to the same conclusion .
its not the same a getting shot or raided .
this has left a bad taste .
I hope that you can track down the cheats an ban them.

regards Chilly

need more ausy severs
queuing at number 53 that is a 30 to 40 minute wait time just to play

you cannot police this esp problem .
we relocated what was left of our base.
I cannot find crates berried randomly around the map.
you have a big problem with people running esp hacks.
should we be thinking if you cannot beat join them.
probable stop playing you stand alone severs.
this destroys the game.
cane you advise me of sever to play where this is being policed .

I just wonder, when you reach the area where the boxes where hidden, did you experience some lag? It normally happens to me and it helps to find hidden stashes easily...

This problem is REAL, I've experienced exactly the same countless times on official servers, I even know how to do it, it's not easy because of battle eye, but reading the process memory is and its going to be always possible.

A solution might be: Send the Object "Pile of Dirt" on a very small network bubble (30mt or less), destroy the object from memory when not near.

ESPs are ruining the game, yes, I know how hard is to combat this, another little thing that can help, in every patch, change little something to the structures of the classes of objects in map, like the order of the properties so you make it harder to adapt previous version esp. I have more ideas, contact me if you want to know.

DaGreekGeek added a subscriber: DaGreekGeek.EditedFeb 18 2020, 7:11 AM

I just wonder, when you reach the area where the boxes where hidden, did you experience some lag? It normally happens to me and it helps to find hidden stashes easily...

I've never seen this with my own stashes and they get pretty big. Given OP raiding tools and lack of better booby traps (at least barbed wire is getting better) I've given up on base building. Instead I resort to large buried stashes that consist of 5+ buried crates, 1-2 unburied crates, and a few large dry bags, and at least 1 cooking pot with requisite burner stowed inside. I've never had lag when approaching a stash and my largest stash has nearly 20 buried items over a 2 acre (partitioned) space. After reading your comment I did an experiment and had 0 lag as I approached one of my stashes. In all my hours of playing DayZ I've only come across 2 buried stashes; both by chance. I just happened to be looking down at the right moment and in one of the two cases they had buried the stash feet from a hunting stand...

I find lag is tied to either my own connection but more often other players entering my network bubble (~ 1 sq KM). Lately the issue is high ping types. Many of the streamers are blaming people connecting from overseas...