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Two items on same inventory slot (exp.)
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I was playing on server and experienced an inventory bug, when two items were on same slot in my inventory. I was also unable to load FNX magazine at first.

Time in video:
3:05 - unable to take magazine to inventory with F button while I have something else in hands
3:18 - dragging empty FNX magazine to hands and magazine appered on gun in inventory in jeans (two items on same slot)
3:23 - dragging magazine back from hands to inventory and two items on same slot bug is fixed
3:34 - I take another magazine partially full to hands and it works normal, starting to filling mag
3:47 - taking that empty mag from inventory to hands and it start to appearing on gun again, unable to fill magazine with rounds trying to fill it 3 times with no success
3:58 - I put my magazine back in inventory with double click and it appeared on the gun
4:05 - dragging magazine from gun to hands - it not longer appears on gun
and I am able to fill it with rounds
4:16 - double clicking on magazine and it appeared on gun in inventory
4:19 - dragging magazine from gun in another slot in inventory, taking gun in hands and magazine again appeared on the gun in inventory
6:00 - dragging gun from inventory in the hands, dragging magazine from one slot in backpack to another slot in backpack and that magazine appeared in jeans
6:07 - dragging gun from hands to backpack - it works normal

Check additional info and video


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Additional Information

Game version: experimental 1.07.152930

I was playing experimental on official server: DayZ UK 0-4 (experimental/unstable) (IP: date: 30.1.2020, 20:00 Prague time.

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Hello Valach and thank you for the report.
We have been testing the issue but unfortunately, we were unable to produce it so far.
Is there any specific step that could be missing from the reproduction steps you have provided, which would help us in producing the issue?

Valach added a comment.EditedFeb 5 2020, 12:28 AM

Hello, I think that occurrence of this bug is not that common, you can encounter it maybe one time when play game for few hours.
I think that bug is related to client/server desynchronization - item is in different inventory slot on client and server side - it fixes itself with reconnect.

Unfortunately I dont know how to reproduce this again.

I have looked in dayz exp. files created in appdata directory and have founded files from that date. I am sending you that files.

In file script_2020-01-30_20-11-29 on line 820 there is sequence of actions which correspond to my video in time 3:09 if you want to check that out, maybe it helps.