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1.06 - Headshot from Amphibia MkII does not kill infected
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The headshot damage from .22 bullets to infected needs to be increased a little more. Regardless of distance or how cleanly you hit them (eye, temple, forehead, nothing matters) it takes a minimum of two headshots to kill an infected, which I dearly hope is not intended. The .22 is so weak that landing a headshot is absolutely crucial - landing two on a running zombie is extremely difficult, making the MkII practically useless since the suppressor effect has also been removed. I have no problem with infected tanking a full clip of body shots, but landing a headshot should be rewarded to make the pistol worth picking up.


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Windows 10 x64
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Get a MkII, shoot infected in the head and see...

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Beavis created this task.Jan 20 2020, 3:02 PM
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Beavis updated the task description. (Show Details)
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Hello Beavis.
The damage for the .22 rounds works as intended and has been set up the way it is right now by a design decision. The .22 round is not supposed to kill a zombie in single shot to head.
What do you mean by the suppressor effect being removed? As the zombies are being attracted by the bullet hits near to them, but not the shooting of the weapon (so they should wander around the area of the bullet impact, not the area of the player that has shot the bullet). However, if the zombie does spot you (when you are close), it will then aggro on to your character.

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Geez. I had the same experience as the OP. Fired at a zombie from a reasonable distance(across a standard house yard, it had not seen me). I was not expecting a kill, just testing how much attention it attracted. I was crouched half behind a bush. The zombie IMMEDIATELY aggroed on me, as well as 3-4 more from the general vicinity. That, coupled with the fact that one shot will not kill them, makes the MKII COMPLETELY useless, and it may as well be removed from the game. I had the same issue with other suppressed weapons. A suppressed FX45 attracted zombies from all over the area. At me, not "the area of the bullet impact", which seems a ridiculous concept. I can throw an item next to a zombie and it turns, but doesn't aggro

Ok @Geez thanks for clearing that up. My experience leads me to think that the functionality of suppressed sound is inconsistent. If you miss and the bullet strikes a wall near the infected, they will investigate the general vicinity of the point of impact, as you say. If you hit the infected it will sometimes immediately come charging right at you, including other infected in the vicinity who were nowhere near the target. Sometimes this does not happen and the target infected runs around stupidly. Maybe this has to do with how well I manage to stay hidden, but it might need a bit of tweaking still.

As for the .22 ammo not killing an infected with a direct hit to the head I must ask you to reconsider. Balance wise it has made the Mk II pistol completely useless, once the target infected is alerted (by getting shot in the head the first time...) landing a second headshot is practically impossible. As far as I know infected don't have vital hitzones (i.e. no brains...) so I assume where you hit it in the head cannot make any difference, but please at least give .22 ammunition the ability to score a one-hit kill shot at very close range. That way the Amphibia (and later on the .22 rifles) can be useful for a stealthy and careful player.

Not counting the times infected have unintentionally become more "tanky", headshots from .22 weapons have always been enough to kill an infected, making them useful low tier weapons for freshly spawned characters. Removing that ability at this point in time feels like a strange and uncalled for decision, I would very much like to know the reasoning behind this.