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Edit Terrain Object modules fail to be applied before mission start when many modules exist before them
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In the above mission I've created to reproduce the issue, I've removed several buildings using the Edit Terrain Object module (ModuleEditTerrainObject_F). I've then placed HEMTTs where the buildings were. There are also 200 Game Master modules (ModuleCurator_F) I've used to synthetically reproduce the bug. The Edit Terrain Object modules are in a layer.

When you load the mission and spawn in on a dedicated server, and only on a dedicated server, the first physics tick will occur before the Edit Terrain Object modules remove the buildings. This results in the HEMTTs exploding, destroying the buildings and preventing the buildings from being removed at all.

This is an issue because in the past I've tried to remove buildings on a map and place carpools or park tanks where the building was, only to have the above occur. I've also had issues when placing other buildings where the original building was, and then having players spawn in the editor placed building, only to have them get confused when the original map building is temporarily still there when they spawn in.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Client: Windows 10 Pro x64 - 1909 | Server: Windows Server 2019
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

Run the mission I've attached above.

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Thank you for the report. Could you please upload the mission folder with the .sqm file?