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Dayz PC unable to access my own loot from my dead body after a fall
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So i was climbing a smoke tower on server 4-100 in Power Plant above Elektrozavodsk and i got to the top ladder and as soon as i reached the top i glitched and suddenly fell down on to the middle way point of the smoke tower, very dead. Once i had finally made my way back to my body from spawning i could clearly see my body but was unable to access any of my equipment or weapons and lost all of my gear, fairly upsetting as i had a Vega shotgun and a large military backpack, a blaze with a hunting scope, a tactical belt with a knife sheath and a water canteen and other things that are pretty hard to come by. I have also see this issue a few times before after i have killed a survivor and their body fell half way through a stack of sand barriers and was unable to access their loot and lost all of the gear that we were trying to retrieve.


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Windows 10
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All that needs to happen for someone to die near a wall or and sort of object that the body is able glitch and fall into the wall and you will not be able to access their equipment.

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Hello dirtbik3maniac.
The issue with bodies being unlootable when partially clipped to a wall is known and is being worked on.

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Hi @Geez . Do you perhaps have an estimate about when this bug could get fixed?