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More Map Widget options
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I don't know if there is already a Thread for this, but maybe I have some more functions to add. Most of them should be selfexplanitory:

  • SetZoom(float zoom) - set current zoom of map
  • SetMaxZoom(float zoom) - set max zoom for Mouse zooming
  • SetMinZoom(float zoom) - set min zoom for mouse zooming
  • SetPosition(float x, float z) - Sets the top left Corner of the Map. Maybe Split it into two functions with World coordinates and One with values from 0 to 1
  • GetVisibleMapSize(out float width, out float height) - returns size of the map in world coordinate Size (useful with set Position to Center the map) (depends on the zoom of the map)
  • SetCenter(float x, float z) - ability to easily Center the map (der above)
  • DrawCircle(float x, float z, Int color, float radius, bool fill = True, bool radiusIsWorldSize = true) - Draw a circle on the map like the "AddUserMark" nur with the Option to Draw a Custom Circle with the Option to set the Position in world Dimensions. The radius is in world dimensions by default and scales with zooming in and out. Setting it to false would make the circle stay the same size. Fill would fill the circle with the Color (Maybe Option to have a different Color for the border and inner part) if false, only the border is shown (Maybe have the Option to set border width)
  • AddUserMark - option to change Size of Text and size of Image. And option to set zoom Value when the Marker should be visible / invisible (minZoom / maxZoom)
  • RemoveUserMark(UserMark mark) - Adding a Marker would return a object you can use to set the different options from above and can be Used to remove it without having to clear all Marks from the map. Same for the Circle


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Windows 7

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