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planks cut from plank piles are very difficult to pick up
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When cutting planks from a plank stack using e.g. a hacksaw or hatchet, the game spawns stacks of planks in the player's vicinity every time the 'cut planks' action is completed. The way that the plank stacks are spawned makes them very difficult to interact with. They usually do not show up in the proximity tab of the player inventory, and they are difficult to 'find' by aiming the player character's view. This makes collecting and packing cut planks a slow and frustrating task.

The problem may connect to a broader issue regarding the placement of planks dropped from the player inventory. Dropping more than one stack of planks results in a pile floating in the air, and the player is only able to interact with the top-most plank stack. A tweak in the placement of plank stacks upon dropping (from the player inventory or from a plank stack) may be the key to addressing this problem.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  • cut planks from plank pile using a hatchet
  • attempt to pick up cut plank stacks using inventory proximity tab
  • attempt to pick up cut planks by looking at the stacks and using F key
  • experience frustration

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Thank you for the report supermacro.
The issues you have mentioned have been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.

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