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EXP 1.06 Zombies could hit me none of my hits registered at NWAF US server
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EXP 1.06 Zombies could hit me none of my hits registered at NWAF US server just now .. knife, fists, nothing they just kept wacking me


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Windows 10 x64
End Game - Gameplay
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Go to NWAF with lots of zombie .. have them start attacking was cornered at first jumped over table .. but couldnt do any damage to them

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sanguine00 added a subscriber: sanguine00.EditedNov 16 2019, 5:53 PM

In my experience this is hands desync. It's usually the same reason why bullets aren't doing damage, either. Relog "fixes" it.

I've been experiencing this constantly in Exp 1.06. I had to relog several times in the first hour of playing. Unfortunately despite happening frequently I can't find a consistent repro. It did seem to happen most-often while handling the double-barrel and the new Blaze.

Edit: Played some more Exp tonight and this is simply not playable at the moment. I know the holidays are fast approaching but this really needs to be addressed before Stable release.

It happened to me as well. I think it reproduces when you can't pick an item (seemingly bugged) from the ground, but I died too thanks to not registering bullets and z hitting me harder than my life. @Geez please do something. Thanks.

i have the Same Problem
but it happens when you have an item in you Hands and there is no place in inventory
so after like 5-30 min having that item in hand zombies can attack you but you can't and if you drop the item from your hands you cant pick it and need to relog and after relog item is disappeared xD
1.06 EXP

Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Nov 21 2019, 1:23 PM

Hello chainsawsquirrel.
We have experienced this issue during our testing as well and it is currently being looked in to.