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Livonia Tourist Map Incorrect Water Sources [1.06 Exp]
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The tourist map found on Livonia has incorrect ponds and streams. The northern river is absent entirely, and I believe the ponds and small streams around the map are shifted some kilometers south on the tourist maps topographical display. I believe that as the ponds found at the medical camp near Radunin are displayed closer to Swarog.


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Windows 10 x64

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Uncuepa created this task.Nov 4 2019, 7:30 AM
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Hello Uncuepa and thank you for the report.
Is there any specific way you open the map for this issue to occur? And can you provide us with a screenshot of the issue?

Edqar added a subscriber: Edqar.EditedNov 24 2020, 8:16 PM

We just noticed this problem, water marks and natural paths are totally wrong. Other one had map with totally different marks (correct ones?).
I will attach two pictures from two different tourist maps at Livonia PC.
So are there two different maps in the game??


This issue has already been reported in 2019 (!) and I can totally confirm this issue. The Livonia tourist map has glitches (see images and red markings). Hiking paths lead through rivers etc. ...

I don't have any screenshots yet but I have noticed there are many issues with the in-game map in Livonia. The map shows ponds where there are none and lots of trail information seems to be missing or wrong.

For example, if you visit this online map:;64;5

and then compare that to the in-game map, the in-game map shows two large ponds in the area SW of Wrzeszcz which do not exist. The red trail in the online map is not shown in the in-game map.

Maybe whatever process the devs use to generate the in-game map need to be run again.

Confirmed still happening as of today. New to the game and was relying on the in-game tourist map. Spent an hour running around -- confused as hell -- North of Topolin because the trails/water didn't seem to match up. Given that this bug has been around for literally years at this point, I suggest throwing the tourist map away away to free up some bag space and rely on iZurvive for dependable navigation.

DayZ Livonia US - NY 4856 (Version 1.17.*)