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AI unable to aim when using playMove/playMoveNow
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As the title says, the AI won't aim their weapon or change their head direction during the first loop of a playMove/playAction/etc.
This bug affects both head and weapon aiming.


Operating System
Windows 7
AI Aiming / Shooting
Steps To Reproduce

Simply give an AI a playMove in a loop. E.g:

Place an AI in editor. Set his var name to "AI". Also, place an enemy unit in front of him. Name him "aiTarget".

Run this sample code in debug console:

[] spawn {
  _lastDir = 0;
  aiTarget disableAI "ALL";
  ai setSkill 1;
  ai disableAI "MOVE";
  ai doWatch aiTarget;
  ai doTarget aiTarget;
  aiTarget allowDamage false;
  _time = time+3;
  waitUntil {
    ai playMoveNow (["amovpercmtacsraswrfldl", "amovpercmtacsraswrfldr"] select _lastDir);
	ai forceWeaponFire [currentWeapon ai, currentWeaponMode ai];
	ai reveal aiTarget;
	if (time - _time > 3) then {
		_time = time;
		aiTarget attachTo [ai, [0, 5, ([2, 5] select _lastDir)]];
	_lastDir = 1 - _lastDir;
	ai setAmmo [currentWeapon ai, 10];
   sleep 0.3;

This will make the AI constantly shoot at the target while playing an animation in a loop.

The problem is, the AI cannot aim up or down even though the target is right in front of him.

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