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Sickness Issues
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Drinking any water from any source has a high probability that you will get sick which within two minutes causes vomiting which immediately turns all statuses red or yellow, dead within minutes. I am not sure if this is intended, but i would certainly hope not. Any attempts to sip water or rehydrate result in more throwing up and death. This is neither realistic nor entertaning and is in fact a deal breaker for me if its intended. My thinking is that it must be some sort of bug because of the speed at which you die from it.


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Windows 7
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Drinking water from any source, bottles wells etc

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I second this. If this is a glitch, that is understandable, but if not, this game is unplayable. Wells need to be a safe water point. Contrary to opinion, they arent. And chlorine pills arent common enough for wells not to be safe. Also, going from white to red when throwing up now is way to far of a drop, theres no way to keep up if you do happen to get sick, you either have to have the medicine on you or basically commit suicide. I had a bag full of food and 3 canteens and died from starvation due to throwing up. This issue needs to be addressed

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Hello whackamole68.
Are you certain that every water source causes the sickness? As bottles, canteens and ponds do have chance to contain cholera but the wells should not.

My suggestion would be to increase the time till you get sick, as now it is pretty fast. Another suggestion is to have the disease build up in lethalness. The longer a player has a certain disease, the lower the bar drops for throwing up or increase in loss of hydration/energy from throwing up.

Don't take it the wrong way, but I do think that a lot of people have to get used to the adjustments to the sickness system. And I for one would not like to see this get nerfed. Wells should of course be a safe place to gain hydration.

@eoverton98 When you are sick you should eat and drink only small amounts. If you eat or drink too much you will throw up.