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Vaulting and jumping not responding (With full stamina)
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This happens randomly, sometimes I can not jump over small fences or character level walls, simply the space bar jump become unresponsive, in other occasions, some knee level fences (concrete ones) are climbed instead of jumped over by my character. As I said before, I know vaulting is related to stamina level but I am sure it was full but the problem remains, I tried experimental before the modification of stamina consuption and it worked perfectly, but after the change it's not working properly. A pitty really. It is vital sometimes not to struggle to jump over a small fence or even a climbable one, and with this problem, if you're being persued by zombies or other players it can cost your life.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Try to vault some fences or jump upwards near to one that can not be jumped over. And see how your character won't respond.

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Validate your steam game files .. I have no issues with my vaulting

@ParanoiaLP Have you noticed the issue in Vanilla DayZ, meaning on OFFICIAL servers? And are you sure you've had full stamina? Climbing a high wall takes half your stamina bar. If you have less, you won't be able to climb high walls

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Hello ParanoiaLP.
As freerider3434 has mentioned, does the issue occur on vanilla servers or modded servers only? And have you tried to remove the contents of your C:\Users\*username*\Documents\DayZ folder to see if that has any effect on the issue you are experiencing?

Yes it happens on official servers, I will try delete the files as requested.