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Make bandages stop bleeding 2x the speed of rags
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I love the new changes to blood, it’s a move in the right direction to make blood an important factor again, but it still needs some balancing.

If you receive 4 cuts, you are certain to die of blood loss before you can stop the bleeding.

This seems unfair.

A simple solution could be to make bandages quicker to use than rags.

Right now, there is no advantage in carrying bandages over rags. Sure, they are 1 slot smaller, but a stack will only heal 2 cuts, compared to 6 with a stack of rags.

Making bandages quicker to use, would actually make them a useful item, and will provide extra balance to the new blood system.

It would make more sense, that a bandage could be applied in half the time of a rag.


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Along with this change, you could also add a ‘large bandage’ which would have 4 uses.

Also worth noting that this would reward prepared players. Which is something the game needs do a lot more (ahem... R to reload).