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Unexpected fire from weapon 1.05 exp
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When use akm (on the video) when is fire to auto, it unexpectly fire without press fire button. When set to semi-auto, its ok.


Operating System
Windows 7

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Hunterz created this task.Aug 29 2019, 8:52 AM
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Hello Hunterz and thank you for the report.
Has this issue occurred upon logging in possibly? Are you aware of any specific actions you took prior to the issue appearing?

No its during gameplay, not after logging. No any specific actions. I just found this rifle and when try use optic and have automatic mde, its firing without pressing left mouse button.

I can confirm that this happened to myself aswell, no possible way to recreate but after restart the mag in my ak became empty and was invisible on model. impossible to remove. had to leave the gun as I tried everyday to get it to work. re-log, hotbar etc. will update if i can recreate this. seems like it maybe the result of a string of complex tasks that trigger this behavior. difficult to nail down.

That is an very very old bug that has appeared before 0.62, I though before it was associated mostly with my custom keybindings but it happened with default keybinds as well.

The accidental fire happened usually when using action (can't say which key as it depends on users keybinds) that puts weapon to optics mode.

I have managed to reproduce that bug by clicking right mouse button when it was associated with ADS/weapon raise action.