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1.05 exp screen green , inventory and loading screen normal colors see attached pics
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1.05 exp screen green , inventory and loading screen normal colors see attached pics, I can randomly join some servers as normal , then rejoin a different server and the screen as shown , modded servers and official 1.04 work fine, have verified my game files again, no antivirus etc running, as I said only happening in exp 1.05 and when u first load in for a couple seconds screen is normal color then goes green as seen


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

log into a exp server, sometimes its normal sometimes green

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I can log into community exp 1.05 just logged into smokes exp 1.05 and is working fine .. just seems to happen on official servers

Try to turn on and then off your night vision goggles

Its not night vision issue, they are not on, and found out it ONLY does this on 3rd person servers .. 1st person it doesn't happen

Ok I found the work around .. if I take NVG off my head put them on the ground and pick it back up it fixes the issue.. and it only happens on 3rd person 1.05 servers .. so @Dimas008 was partially right, it did involve NVG

somehow they where on but not in the down position .. that's another strange bug found in 1.05

1st and 3rd have different characters so I guess 3pp thought they were on , but they weren't

I would assume this is linked to the night vision bug, if that’s the case, they definitely know about it.

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Hello chainsawsquirrel and thank you for the report.
As EnterThePug has mentioned, there currently is an issue with the NVG goggles that causes the NVG effect to be applied even when the goggles are not being worn / turned on.
In case you find clear reproduction steps for the instance you are experiencing, can you please let us know, so we can test these steps as well once the fix is applied?