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Dayz PS4 bugs I've noticed
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This video shows a major bug that has happened since the update. This occurs with wooden crates, barrels, tents, car storage, and any sort of container. When you place an item in said container it's hit or miss if you're able to drop it or take it to your hands or put it in your inventory. I've theorized that this might occur when you have the item in your hand and then put it in the container, but this seems to occur even if you drag from your inventory to the container or off the vicinity to the container. It is unknown what exactly causes this bug. Sometimes it is fixed if the server restarts, but not always. Logging out and logging back doesn't work. Also in this video of the VSS I'm trying to recover, it it suffering the invisible mag glitch where the gun doesn't show a mag in the picture or on screen but it shows on the tool bar underneath the gun with 0 bullets in it. There is no way to remove it to the ground, inventory or to swap by holding triangle with another VSS magazine in your inventory. Sometimes you can unchamber and chamber a single round, but no way to remove the magazine. This doesn't happen only with the VSS, it has occured with an M4, KA-M, and other guns as well. It did not correct itself when I had it in my hands during a server reset, and am not sure if it will fix itself when placed on the ground or in a container during a reset.

Fire barrels still make a sound even when the fire is over. When I tried to extinguish it with water the barrel was glitched and would not let me cook anything because it was drenched even though there was no water in it. The only way I could fix it was to build a normal fire next to the fire barrel and let the fire barrel dry out.

Sometimes items despawn from inventory when logging out and logging back on. I had 3 KA-101 mags, 5 stacks of 5.56, 2 stacks of .45 acp, 2 FX mags, and 2 stacks of .308 on me that just vanished into thin air. This happened right after I switched vests and put my old vest with nothing in it into a container and then after I logged back on all the ammo was gone in my new vest and when I pulled out the old vest it had nothing in it.

The Pso-1-1 scope has the white/blurry glitch when zooming in and out from 3rd person to 1st person looking through the scope.

The sickness happens way too frequently, much more so than 1.02. I get sick even when drinking from a canteen that has been disinfected or from a clean spicket. For myself it usually takes 1 or 2 tetracycline pills, but my friends I play with it takes more than 1 pack of tetracycline to cure them. Sometimes when sick people throw up nonstop and can only stop it by logging out and logging back in.

Cars make a horrible screeching sound with the tires of some sort but it can only be heard when you are the passenger. This occurs with all 3 cars in game. With the gunter I could hear it as the driver as well, but not when I was the driver of the ADA and the Olga.

Headlights do not work with cars. Head torches can not be worn when sitting in a car. Glowsticks do not glow when attached to a backpack and sitting in a car. There is absolutely no way to drive at night unless you have at least one more person walking besides you with a light source.

NVGs do not work when attached to the Tac helmet or head strap. It is strange that you don't just make them work like the head torch instead of like binoculars. There's really no point in standing still looking through NVGs. If you made them act like the head torch where you could turn them on and then attach to the helmet it would be much easier.

When attempting to fix items with duct tape and doing the restrain/break free glitch that replenishes the duct tape it is possible to be permanently stuck restrained in duct tape. When I tried to help my friend stuck like this, I saw an icon in vicinity when next to him that I hadn't seen before. When scrolling over it, it said "restrained by duct tape". I pressed X and took this item to my hand and then I was stuck in duct tape restrained. When I opened my inventory I saw the same prompt in my hands and was able to hold square and "drop" the prompt and I was free. My friend tried to leave the server and he died as soon as he logged off.

No message received and blue screen error codes happen way to frequently and are completely random. They can happen just with standing still, running, doing absolutely anything.

When using any item as a melee weapon you can still swing when out of stamina. However, when you are using any of the bayonets now in game, when you run out of stamina you can not swing until you regain stamina. This also occurs when you are using a gun to melee without a bayonet. It doesn't make much sense why you can swing a heavy axe that weighs double the weight of a gun with a bayonet repeatedly but not stab and swing a gun/bayonet like so. You can swing a bayonet in your hand repeatedly but not when on a gun. Doesn't make much sense to me.

I hope these issues can be fixed ASAP. They break the game and make it unplayable at times. Finally found that super rare VSS? Too bad the mag is stuck in it. Trying to drive a car alone at night? Good luck. Hey NVGs are in the game! Too bad they're useless. Bugs are acceptable, they're bound to happen with every game. But this list is only the few I've run into over and over on 1.04. I'm sure there are many, many, many more out there that other players have experienced. It's nice you had a quick hotfix to fix the server browser, but why can't you start cranking out hot fixes for some of these awful and game breaking issues we are all experiencing?? For a $50 game this is not up to par with games similarly priced by other developers. It's silly that PC gets 1.05 super quick meanwhile the console players are left to suffer for weeks maybe months with glaring bugs and issues. The game is amazing, but it needs a lot of work. Cheers.


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Same bugs occur on Xbox. In exactly the same way. I hope they fix it soon but I have no faith. Has ruined the game and i am going to uninstall in the next few weeks if their isnt a fix for this. I hope you do so to. We cant support and care for a studio that does not care or support its player base.

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hey yeah we habe thet also.

i try to make a project end contact there support a few times.

blue screen losing guns game freeze.
cant heal my self somtimes died 2 times of if i switch guns fromt he box or other stuff after i rejoin the server or blue screen everty is back😞i would say roleback.

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Thanks for this detail post!
6 months later now and the majority of the bugs you described still occurs.
Can't you fix the game instead of adding useless chrismath tree? Which by the way have nothing to do in a survival game like dayz... It's not Fortnite ! At least Fortnite is a free to play game which seems to be stable and not full of bugs, not like dayz which costs 50€ and crashes 50 times a day.

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I've experienced all of these except for the stamina and sickness bugs. They are VERY frequent.

Ive had similar issues with boxes. Normally have to get my mate to pick them up and place them into the box if the game doesnt let me do it

2 or 3 times I have had a glitch where on my screen I have my gun out ready to shoot someone and on my friends screen I am actually holding a random item and instead of shooting (which I see on my screen) swinging the item, always ending up in me getting shot.. another is when I approach a zombie with my knife I try to kill it and my friend will ask why I am shooting. Again, on my screen it has not shown that I have emptied my entire clip trying to knife a zombie..... joke

This post is perfect. Serious immediate action needs to be taken in order to make this game playable, never mind enjoyable.

This is great I came on to report this exact bug along with a few others. ive read on other forums that theyv'e been around for months. please fix, im reporting to PS4 game is ridiculously buggy

The problem is I absolutely love this game and I still continue to play it, as the glitches only occur occasionally. If I can managed to not get too attached to my loot it is still enjoyable haha

Here's a quick summary for all concerned:

Ticket raised 18th of August 2019
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Currently assigned to NONE/No-one

Bohemia Interactive simply don't care. They've found the time (and no doubt reaped huge financial benefits in doing so) by releasing a new DLC map Livornia.
PS4 port is alpha software at best. Infected you cannot kill, cars flying and crashing themselves (and sometimes killing your player in the process), stuck items in inventory, etc. I'll stop before I bore you all with the numerous faults. I paid full money for this game and reasonably expect things to work.

(Personal perspective - If a ticket was left in my work queue longer than a day, my line manager would be on my case immediately. This one has been sitting here dormant for 6 months.)

I'll repeat - Bohemia Interactive simply don't care. They've got your money.

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Go away, spammer. You've added nothing of any consequence to the thread.

Ticket has now been dormant for 7 months. Bohemia Interactive's silence on this issue/ticket shows us all we need to know. Sad, but true.

It's because this "project" has no members. You will see that @Geez is listed on the DayZ project as a member, but not on the PS4 project.

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